Garifzyanova Elvira

Garifzyanova Elvira
CH-1202 Genève


Elvira Garifzyanova was born in Russia into a family of professional musicians.
She studied piano under Prof. Irina Dubinina (student of Jakov Sak and Lev Oborin) and composition under Prof. Alexander Rudenko at Kazan State Conservatory's special school of music for highly gifted children. She continued her studies under the same teachers at Kazan State Conservatory, graduating with two honors degrees in piano and composition. Garifzyanova went on to study under Gerhard Müller-Hornbach at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, under Prof. Isabel Mundry and Gerald Bennett (electronic music) at the 'Hochschule für Musik und Theater Zürich', and under Michael Jarrell, Luis Naon and Eric Daubresse (composition mixte) at the Haute École de Musique in Genève.
She was chosen in 2010 to attend a course at the IRCAM in Paris, which she completed in 2011/12.
Garifzyanova is the recipient of various awards from numerous international competitions including first prize at the 'Concurso Internacional de Compositión para Órgano, Catedral del Buen Pastor de Donostia - San Sebastian', 2007 (Spain); prize of the 2004 DAAD Competition (Germany) and the prize of the 'Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich', 2007 (Switzerland). In 2011 her composition was selected for the final round of the 'Paul Hindemith Prize' composition competition within the framework of the 'Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival'. In 2013 her work 'Aurora borealis' for flute and electronics received an honorary mention at the international composers competition 'Musica Nova 2014' in Prague.
Elvira Garifzyanova has received the DAAD scholarship, Mozart Foundation scholarship, Peter Fuld Foundation scholarship, Paul Sacher scholarship for dissertation research, 'Cité Internationale des Arts Paris' scholarship and the scholarship of the international courses for new music Darmstadt 2008. In 2013 she received a scholarship from the 'Experimentalstudio Freiburg' (Germany) and 'Matrix 13-Akademy' where she participated in master classes headed by Helmut Lachenmann, Marc Andre, Philippe Manoury, Alwynne Pritchard, Detlef Heusinger and the team of the 'Experementalstudio Freiburg'. She was chosen in April 2013 to attend the opera workshop headed by Peter Eötvos and Luca Francesconi.
She was Artist in Residence at Visby International Centre for Composers in Gotland (Sweden), at the 'Schleswig-Holsteinischen Künstlerhaus in Eckernförde' (Germany) and at the 'Künstlerhaus Salzwedel' (Germany). She has also attended master classes headed by Brian Ferneyhough, Hanz Zender, André Richard (performance practice - electroacoustic music), Ivan Fedele, Mauro Lanza, Denis Smalley, Georges Apergis, Chaya Chernowin, Georg F. Haas and Beat Furrer.
Several of her activities have been recorded by Radio Bayern, Radio SWR (Germany) and Swiss Radio DRS2.
She collaborated with Carin Levine (flute), Peter Veale (oboe), Pascall Gallois (bassoon) at the first 'Aeolian Academy Jeunesses Musicales' in Germany; with Mircea Ardeleanu (percussion), Hilliard-Ensemble (UK), Ensemble für Neue Musik Zürich (CH), Carola Schlüter (soprano), John-Noel Attard (piano), Antonio Politano (Paetzold records), Ensemble 'Prime' and with the South West German Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stuttgart (Germany) during the first Workshop with this orchestra under the direction of Manfred Trojahn, the 'Berner Symphonieorchestra' (CH), 'Musikkollegium Winterthur' (CH), musicians of the 'Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich', the ensemble 'Les Cornets Noirs', Basel and with the 'Zürcher Kantorei zu Predigern', 'Berner Kantorei' and the 'Kleine Kantorei' under the direction of Johannes Guenther.
Her compositions have been performed at the 20th international new music festival 'Sound Ways' in St.-Petersburg (Russia), at the 'Next generation 4.0 Kommunikation Festival' in ZKM Kubus, Karlsruhe (Germany) and at the Archipel Festival in Geneva (CH).
Elvira Garifzyanova has received commissions from the 'Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich' (CH), from the Association for Contemporary Music, Frankfurt am Main (Germany), from the Hilliard-Ensemble (UK), Mircea Ardeleanu (percussion) and the 'Berner Symphonieorchester'.
She was included in the Swiss Music Edition's (SME/EMS) databank in 2010.