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Jünger Patricia (1951)

Jünger Patricia

Jünger Patricia



Patricia Jünger was born in Frankfurt am Main. She is a Swiss and Austrian citizen. Jünger studied composition, piano, organ and directing in Vienna, Frankfurt am Main and Paris. She has dedicated her time solely to composition since 1977. In 1979 she won the Theodor Körner Prize for Composition and the Vienna Cultural Foundation Prize, and received scholarships from the Viennese Alban Berg Foundation and Basel's Paul Sacher Foundation in 1980. In 1981 and in 1983 she was awarded a bursary for composition by the Austrian state and received the sabbatical year for composition offered by the canton of Aargau in 1983. She was the first female composer to be awarded the renowned Karl Sczuka Prize from SWF Baden-Baden in 1986, with the radio play 'Sehr geehrter Herr - ein Requiem'. The Karl Sczuka Prize is presented to "the best production of a work of radio art using musical material and structures in an acoustic performance." Over the last couple of years Patricia Jünger has increased the number of instrumental compositions she has produced, albeit in connection with electronics and electroacoustics.


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