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Juon Paul (08. 03. 1872 - 21. 08. 1940)

Juon Paul

Juon Paul
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Paul Juon was born in Moscow. His father was the son of a confectioner who emigrated to Masein near Thusis in the canton of Grison. Paul attended the German secondary modern in Moscow.
1889 – enters the conservatory, initially taught by Jan Hrimaly – studies composition under the tutelage of Taneiew and Anton Arensky.
Composition studies under Woldemar Bargiel at the Berlin School of Music – wins the Mendelssohn Prize for Composition – selected as a teacher for theory and violin at the Baku Conservatory – writes reviews for the 'Kaspi' newspaper.
1898 – relocates to Berlin – his first works appear at the 'Schlesinger'schen Buch- und Musikhandlung'
1900 – translates Anton Arensky's 'Leitfaden zum praktischen Erlernen der Harmonie'.
1901 – Juon's own book on practical harmonics (I. textbook, II. Exercise book) is published by Schlesinger – receives the Franz Liszt stipend – translates the Tschaikowsky biography from Modest Tschaikowsy.
1906 – Joseph Joachim employs him as a tenured professor for composition at the Berlin School of Music, where he teaches until 1934; notable students include Hans Chemin-Petit, Philipp Jarnach, Heinrich Kaminski and Stefan Wolpe
1915 until 1918 – Juon works as an interpreter at a detention centre in Heiligenbeil (East Prussia)
1919 – member of the Prussian Academy of the Arts
1929 – (together with Josef Haas) receives the Beethoven Prize – publishes the guide to modulation
1934 – Paul Juon retires early and settles in Vevey
1938 – The Rhapsodic Symphony op. 95 meets with great success at its world premiere at the 'Reichsmusiktagen' in Dόsseldorf.
1940 – Paul Juon dies in Vevey

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