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Vuataz Roger (04. 01. 1898 - 02. 08. 1988)

Vuataz Roger
Reyne Buffle-Vuataz
Chemin du Couchant 12
CH-1274 Signy


Roger Vuataz was born in Geneva and completed his Matura in pedagogics at the Collège Calvin. He studied music at the Academy and the Conservatoire de Genève (Profs. G. Delaye, A Motlu, O. Barblan).
1917-1978 Organ player at the Église Nationale Protestante
1920-1942 Choirmaster in Yverdon and Nyon
1940-1960 Founder and director of the ensemble Maîtrise Protestante
1929-1935 Music critic at the 'Journal de Genève'
1927-1936 Producer of basic music courses and first live-broadcast organ concerts from the church in Carouge for Radio Genève
1937-1943 Responsible for the broadcasting of the concerts of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande and the performances at the Grand-Théâtre
1931 Receives his diploma for Ondes Martenot to become the first Swiss ondist
1936 Diploma in rhythm from the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze
1944-1964 Musical director of Radio Genève; during these 20 years he played an important role in the music scene of the French speaking part of Switzerland
1961-1971 Professorship at the Conservatoire de Genève: course 'Form and Styles'; member of the board of directors.
1962-1969 President of the Geneva International Music Competition
1961-1971 New course in music interpretation on the radio
1963-1975 Member of the board of directors of the Swiss Association of Musicians - receives its prize for composition in 1975
1967 Receives the Music Prize of the City of Geneva "both for his abundant work as a composer and his rich career as an authentic musician"
1972 Prize of the 'Fondation BAT'
1963-1978 President of the F. Viñas International Singing Competition
1965-1969 Nominated as musical expert by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

"Composing means choosing sounds which create amongst each other a musical energy in a sensible unity. Composing means integrating the structure of the form into the spontaneity of indirect language. Composing means finding the style of the work expressing a unique moment of its own evolution." (Roger Vuataz)

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