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Fenigstein Victor (19. 12. 1924)

Fenigstein Victor
Cité Ledenberg 14
L-5341 Moutfort
Tel. +352 35 50 01
Fax +352 35 50 01


Victor Fenigstein attended six years of primary school, six and a half years of college and three and a half years of university in Zurich, Switzerland. He was instructed in violin by his uncle, Arnold Fenigstein, and became the violist with the ‘Tonhallenorchester’. In 1937 he received private piano lessons from Rywosch and received his concert diploma under Professor Emil Frey, with whom he later continued his private piano lessons until 1943 after the extradition of Rywosch by the aliens branch of the police. In 1943 he was accepted into the concert training class of Emil Frey at Zurich conservatory and received his cantonal teacher’s diploma in piano in 1945. He completed his obligatory military service in the year 1944/5 and from 1945 until 1947 studied under Edwin Fischer. 1946 until 1948 saw him found and manage the chamber music course for adults at the club school of the ‘Migros-Genossenschafts-Bundes’. On the 08.12.1947 he gave a piano evening in Tübingen (Germany) and was appointed the position of professor for piano at the City of Luxemburg Conservatory on winning an international competition in 1948. Fenigstein was appointed by the district council and gave piano lessons until his retirement in 1985.

15.10.1949 - Chopin piano evening in Verviers (Belgium).
16.11.1949 - Soloist at the festival concert for the one-hundred year anniversary of the death of Frederyk Chopin: Piano Concert in f-minor op.21 and Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise op.22.
1949 - Marriage to Marianne Sigg from Zurich, girlfriend since 1941.
1952 - First symptoms of multiple sclerosis recognised.
1965 - Diagnosed with a so-called ‘benign form’ of the disease. Composing followed as a substitute for an inability to perform in concert.
1950 - Birth of daughter Claudia.
1952 - Birth of daughter Annanina.

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