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Gerber René (29. 06. 1908 - 21. 11. 2006)

Gerber René
Fondation René Gerber
c/o M. Claude Delley
Le Loclat 8
CH-2013 Colombier


René Gerber was born in Travers (Neuchâtel), from 1919 onwards he lived in Peseux. Following his compulsory education he studied at the 'Gymnase cantonal de Neuchâtel' where he completed his undergraduate education. In 1929 he studied at the University of Zurich's medical faculty and at Zurich Conservatory under the tutelage of Volkmar Andreae for composition and Paul Müller for counterpoint. He then attended the 'l'Ecole Normale de musique de Paris' where studied with Paul Dukas, Nadia Boulanger, Robert Siohan and Pierre Dupont.
From 1940 until 1947 he was engaged as a professor for music at the 'Collège latin à Neuchâtel'. From 1947 until 1951 he was director of the 'Conservatoire de musique de Neuchâtel' which he later left in order to free himself from composition and dedicate himself to his art gallery and his literary work. He lived in Bevaix since 1959. His musical work is simultaneously tonal and modal with reminiscent polytonality. For the works which he himself calls 'spontanées' he makes use of traditional musical forms such as the suite, sonata, concerto and fugue etc.. whereas for the works he derives from a specific source he uses free forms.

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