Ensemble TaG Neue Musik Winterthur

Ensemble TaG Neue Musik Winterthur
Ensemble TaG Neue Musik Winterthur
c/o Sophia Miller
Schaffhauserstrasse 28
CH-8400 Winterthur

Tel: +41 (0)43 205 24 35
Internet: www.ensembletag.ch

Martin Flüege (percussion)
Eiko Furusawa (violin)
Anna-Katharina Graf (flute)
Simone Keller (piano)
Emanuel Rütsche (violoncello)
Raphael Rütti (piano)
David Schnee (viola)
Mateusz Szczepkowski (violin)

Willy Burkhard: "Christi Leidensverkündigung", op. 65 for tenor, small mixed choir and organ
Willy Burkhard: Serenade, op. 71,3 for flute and guitar
Jean-Jacques Dünki: Canones nach Arnold Schönberg for clarinet, mandolin, guitar and string trio
Jean-Jacques Dünki: Postkartengruss für K.H. for flute, violin, viola, violoncello, guitar, piano and percussion
Alfred Felder: Labyrinth for violin, viola and violoncello
Alfred Felder: evening sun for guitar solo
Alfred Felder: ... zu den Rändern ... for viola, bass clarinet and piano
Franz Furrer-Münch: Spiegel in Wachs. for flute (bfl), bass clarinet and small percussion instruments (2 players)
Ulrich Gasser: "Grimentz 1938" for string trio
Eric Gaudibert: Orées for violin, flute, violoncello, piano and clarinet
Daniel Glaus: Chammawet ahawah for soprano and harp with string quartet ad libitum.
Daniel Glaus: "Il y a une autre espèce de cadence" (G. Tartini) for Baroque or modern violin or the two instruments combined (or viola or violoncello or flute with clarinet ad lib.)
Daniel Glaus: Mein barfüssig Lob for oboe d'amore, trombone, guitar, harp, double-bass and tam-tam, or for soprano and guitar
Daniel Glaus: Zieh' einen Kreis aus Gedanken for voice, strings ( and two-channel electronic tape with Indian text
Daniel Glaus: Zweite Sephiroth-Symphonie for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, accordion, violin, viola and violoncello
Rico Gubler: Pierrot Marié for mezzo-soprano, speaker, flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
Josef Haselbach: Out-Side for flute, clarinet, viola, violoncello and guitar
David Philip Hefti: Wunderhorn-Musik for violin and ensemble (fl(pic, afl), ob(ca), cl, bcl, hn, va, vc, db, pf, 2perc)
Klaus Huber: Ascensus for flute, violoncello and piano
Klaus Huber: Auf die ruhige Nacht-Zeit for soprano, flute, viola and violoncello
Klaus Huber: Des Dichters Pflug for string trio in third-tone tuning
Klaus Huber: Ein Hauch von Unzeit III for 2-7 players (variable score)
Klaus Huber: Fragmente aus Frühling for mezzo-soprano, viola and piano
Klaus Huber: Sechs Miniaturen for clarinet, violin and violoncello
Klaus Huber: Lieber spaltet mein Herz I for viola d’amore (also viola) in third-tone tuning, guitar in third-tone tuning and small percussion
Klaus Huber: Traumgesicht for male voice
Klaus Huber: Schattenblätter for bass clarinet, violoncello and piano (lightly prepared)
Klaus Huber: Beati pauperes I for flute, viola, piano and small percussion
Alfred Keller: Ewiger Augenblick (chamber cantata) for soprano and ensembles (fl, bcl, cel, hp, vn, vc)
Alfred Keller: Duettino for flute (also pic) and clarinet (also bcl)
Alfred Keller: Der enthüllte Stern for voice and instruments (fl, ob, cl, vn, va, vc, hp, perc)
Max E. Keller: Solitario for flute, guitar and percussion
Max E. Keller: Deformationen for soprano, flute and guitar
Max E. Keller: Gesänge for voice, violoncello and percussion
Max E. Keller: Neungestalt for percussion solo
Max E. Keller: Walk-Music for flute, violin, guitar and percussion
Rudolf Kelterborn: Adagio con interventi for flute (afl), clarinet (bcl), piano and string trio
Rudolf Kelterborn: Ensemble-Book II. Music in four Movements with Texts by Georg Trakl for mezzo-soprano (or alto) and instruments (fl(pic,afl).ob.cl(bcl)/gtr/pf/1perc/vn.va.vc.db)
Rudolf Kelterborn: Reaktionen for violin and piano
Rudolf Kelterborn: Six short Pieces for flute, viola and guitar
Rudolf Kelterborn: Erinnerungen an Mlle. Jeunehomme for 9 instruments (fl(pic).ob(ca).cl(bcl)/1perc/pf/vn.va.vc.db)
Mischa Käser: 5 Pieces for clarinet and violoncello
Junghae Lee: Infiltration for bass flute, violoncello and percussion
Hans Ulrich Lehmann: Tantris for soprano, flute and violoncello
Hans Ulrich Lehmann: Tractus for flute, oboe and clarinet
Hans Ulrich Lehmann: Magica for mezzo-soprano, alto flute and viola
Hans Ulrich Lehmann: Wandloser Raum for flute, clarinet, harp and orator
Heinz Marti: Pluie de la peur for guitar solo
Heinz Marti: So einsam ist der Mensch for three vocal-instrumental groups (1: male speaking voice, 2perc, gtr; 2: soprano, fl, pf; 3: alto, eleectromium)
Heinz Marti: Correspondance (... à la sourdine) for violin (or viola, violoncello) and piano
Heinz Marti: "Aus der Zeit - immer schon" for mezzo-soprano, alto flute in G, percussion and guitar
Valentin Marti: Rainshadows for bass clarinet, trombone, violoncello and percussion
Frank Martin: Drey Minnelieder for soprano, flute, viola and violoncello
Hans-Jürg Meier: annunciazione / ánemos – vom wehen des windes im vorhang for soprano, altus and 9 instruments (recorder (or aulos), flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, viola, violoncello, bandoneon, percussion)
Roland Moser: Quatre cadres harmoniques. for piccolo/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, viola, violoncello and piano
Roland Moser: Based on popular German songs for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello
Isabel Mundry: D'où venons nous - Que sommes nous - Où allons nous for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano
Thomas David Müller: Auslöschung / Schwelle for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, violoncello, piano, percussion and live electronic
Urban Mäder: der und die for alto and violin
Christoph Neidhöfer: Zeitbogen for guitar, harp, piano, clarinet, horn, trombone, trumpet, two percussion, viola, violoncello and double-bass
Christoph Neidhöfer: Interplay for instrumental ensemble (fl(afl).bcl.hn/perc/hp/vn.va.db)
Felix Profos: Septett for recorder, saxophone, keyboard, percussion, violin, viola and violoncello
Michel Roth: Verinnerung for piano trio
Madeleine Ruggli: Varietà delle fila for ensemble (fl.cl(bcl)/perc/pf(3ped).gtr/vn.va.vc.db)
Madeleine Ruggli: Analogies for variable chamber ensemble (guitar, flute, clarinet/bassclarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, piano, percussion)
Jean-Claude Schlaepfer: Chant de lune for flute (c and g), oboe, clarinet, violin, violoncello, double-bass and small percussion
Urs Peter Schneider: Eine kleine Extramusik von sechs Engelchen for six instrumentalists (can also be set chorally)
Urs Peter Schneider: Ein Tanzpoem for free quartet instrumentation
Martin Sigrist: O-Nix for a woodwind instrument, pedal drum, hihat and tuning apparatus (one player)
Andréas Stauder: Gloriette for ensemble (flute, bass clarinet, guitar, percussion, violin, violoncello, double-bass)
Mathias Steinauer: TimeOutMachine, op. 19.3 for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, violoncello, double-bass, guitar, video production and playback CD
Robert Suter: Vier Sätze for string trio
Balz Trümpy: Rhapsodie for guitar
Fritz Voegelin: Nombres for guitar solo
Fritz Voegelin: Que no haya salida for alto flute and guitar
Fritz Voegelin: Thebaïs for recorder(s), bass flute, guitar, violin, violoncello, percussion and synthesizer
Fritz Voegelin: Tremblements for guitar quartet
Fritz Voegelin: Zustandsformen for recorder(s) and guitar
Wladimir Vogel: Die Bekehrte, VWV 12 for voice and piano
Daniel Weissberg: tier ruht w.n. for flute, clarinet, percussion, guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass and video projection
Daniel Weissberg: EFFOH for two guitars
Ernst Widmer: Incerto nexo op. 86 a for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, percussion, guitar, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, berimbau (ad lib.)
Ernst Widmer: Gráfico de la Petenera op. 21 for high voice (soprano or tenor) and guitar
Ernst Widmer: Caititi - Lua nova op. 99 a for soprano and ensemble (fl(afl, pic), cl, pf, vn, va, vc, db, perc)
Jacques Wildberger: Double Refrain for flute, English horn, guitar (also bass flute and oboe with contact-microphones) and electronic tape
Jacques Wildberger: Quartetto for flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello
István Zelenka: 1 Tournée for 26 various protagonists
István Zelenka: "Es freut' noch sank sich starb und und" for a pianist, a speaker and a silent female performer with viola
Gérard Zinsstag: Réitération für Klavier
Alfons Karl Zwicker: Tropfen auf Stein for baritone, flute (pic, afl, bfl), harp, piano, one percussion and viola
Ensemble TaG Neue Musik Winterthur (Edition Musiques Suisse Nr. CTS-M 87, 2003)
Ensemble TaG Neue Musik Winterthur
Dünki, Jean-Jacques: Canones nach Arnold Schönberg (1998)
Kelterborn, Rudolf: Ensemble-Buch III (1997)
Voegelin, Fritz: Thebaïs (1994)
Stauder, Andréas: Gloriette (2000)
With more works of: Yori-Aki Matsudaïra, Faradsch Karajev
Info: www.fonoteca.ch