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Blum Pia

Blum Pia
Blum Pia
Strassburgerallee 29
CH-4055 Basel (BS)
Tel: +41 (0)61 681 69 69
Mobile: +41 (0)79 572 89 44

Genre: Classical Music
Professional activity: Composers, Interpreters
Pia Blum studied at several music schools in Switzerland, with piano under Erika Rademacher and composition under Urs Peter Schneider. In order to deepen her understanding of contemporary music she attended the Basel School of Music and studied under Marianne Schröder and Walter Fähndrich. She won the Emmi-Henz-Dièmend-Prize when she entered an international competition while at the Vienna Academy of Music. She attended master classes headed by Kaya Han, Massimiliano Dammerini and Pièrre-Laurent Aimard. During a study visit to New York she presented work by Morton Feldman. Her repertoire includes almost all of Feldman's solo works, she also performs his chamber musical pieces. She plays chamber music with Egidius Streiff, Tobias Mostar, Làszlo Fogarassy and many more. She works on various interdisciplinary projects together with artists such as Dorothee von Rechenberg, Christian Gusewski, Verena Schindler and dancers such as Hanna Barbara. Pia Blum took part in festivals for contemporary music and worked in close cooperation with such composers as Dieter Schnebel, Thomas Müller, Hans N.Kuhn, Sorel Hays and many others, and often performed the resulting works for the first time. She participates in pedagogical projects and teaches piano, she is also an organist in addition to her composing activities. Pia Blum works freelance and lives in Basel.

Work list
Adagio (1998)

Instrumentation: for flute and piano

This piece is reminiscent of Erik Saties music and minimal music in the sense that it uses minimum material for maximum effect.
The piano is somewhat pedalled and the melody of the flute reserved but tone sensitively reproduced.

Duration: 4' 20"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
Collage à M. Duchamps (1999)
for Claudia Brunner with class

Instrumentation: any instrumentation

Texts: Adolf Wölfli, Erich Kästner, William Shakespeare

Commissioned by Claudia Brunner for her contrabass class. This piece consists of musical material which can be compiled either freely or based on certain rules. Aesthetically it is a homage to John Cage and Christian Wolff.

Duration: 3' 00"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
Omnia tempus habent (2000)

Instrumentation: for flute

With text from the Vulgate.
This piece is in the first part experimental, that means each interpreter must find his/her own way of arranging and choreographing the speaking and performing. The middle part should sound like an ecstatic dance. The third part presents very little rhetorical material to be performed affectionately with the utmost intensity. It disapears into silence.

Duration: 9' 00"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
Lines in Control / Conceptual (2000)

Instrumentation: for keyboard instrument e.g piano, harpsichord or clavichord

Texts: Jürg Laederach

This piece is a kind of scene and parodies historical musical material (chromatic scale). The performer must approach the score in the same manner as an actor acquires a role.

Duration: 4' 40"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
Portrait (2001)
for Christian Gusenski

Instrumentation: for violin, piano and electronic tape

Relates to a picture by Christian Gusenski whereby the colours and forms of the 'portrait' are set in music.
Stop watches are required in the realisation of this piece because the timing is seperated into seconds.

Duration: 7' 55"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
"Verrückt nach Licht" or "Ich verlasse mich auf Gott" (2002)
for Christine Heggendorn and Renate Rindlisbacher

Instrumentation: for organ and piano

Duration: 18' 00"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
"Mein Herz weint wie Todesgesang - Bruno Manser" (2004)

Instrumentation: for playback (bells of Chartes), solo alto recorder and recorder ensemble (bass, tenor, alto, soprano)

Duration: 18' 50"
Farbkreis (2005)

Instrumentation: for piano

For the painted colour circle exhibition by Bettina Müller.

Duration: 5' 00"
Saier & Hug
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 28097089
Sieben Lieder zu Gedichten von Meret Oppenheim (2006)

Instrumentation: for mezzo-soprano and piano

The lieder are based on limited sound material that I developed by means of the Fibonacci series. This is enriched here by quarter tones in the voice. To all intents and purposes the lieder are in the spirit of a Meret Oppenhein surrealism.

Duration: 15' 00"
Musikverlag Saier&Hug Ltd.
Rochstrasse 9
D-10178 Berlin
Tel. +49 302 809 70 89
Das Buch der Musik (2008)
48 Taoist paintings, in order to improvise over them

Instrumentation: for two pianos

Duration: 48' 00"
Pia Blum: Portrait for violin, piano and electronic tape
Pia Blum: Adagio for flute and piano
Earl Brown: December 1952
John Cage: Ina Landscape für Klavier
John Cage: Wintermusik für Klavier
John Cage: Songbooks für Klavier
John Cage: Seven Haiku
John Cage: For Marcel Duchamp
John Cage: Cheap Imitation
John Cage: Sonates & Interludes
John Cage: Tacet 4:33
Tan Dun: 8 Sketches in hunan Accent
Hans N. Kuhn: Gehörbildung für Klavier
György Kurtág: 12 Mikroludien für Klavier
Thomas David Müller: Rast for piano solo
Pauline Oliveros: Lullaby für Daisy Pauline für tape und Stimme
Arvo Pärt: Fratres für Violine und Klavier
Arvo Pärt: Annum per Annum
Dieter Schnebel: Bagatellen für Klavier
Salvatore Sciarrino: Prélude pour le Piano
Peter Sonderegger: 73 Pezzi degli Scrovegni für Klavier
Ernst Albrecht Stiebler: Klavierstück 1987
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Klavierstück IX
Galina Ustvolskaja: 6 Sonaten für Klavier
Christian Wolff: Edges für Klavier

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