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Fischer Thierry

(28. 09. 1957)

Fischer Thierry
Fischer Thierry
16 Duncan Terrace
GB London N1 8 BZ
Great Britain
Tel: +44 20 72 39 01 59

Genre: Musique Classique
Activités: Interprètes
* 28. 09. 1957.

Fischer studied flute with Aurèle Nicolet and began his musical career as Principal Flute in Hamburg and at the Zurich Opera, where he studied scores with Nikolaus Harnoncourt and was profoundly influenced by him. His conducting career began in his 30's when he replaced an ailing colleague, subsequently directing his first few concerts with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe where he was Principal Flute under Claudio Abbado, who encouraged and inspired him in his new-found talent for conducting. Spending his apprentice years in Holland, Thierry Fischer has since appeared with many leading orchestras in the UK and Europe.
During his tenure with the Ulster Orchestra in Belfast, Fischer has toured with the orchestra to Prague and New York and appeared several times at the BBC Proms, conducted cycles of Schubert, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann (in 2006) and Honegger, and made a critically acclaimed series of recordings of the works of Jean Francaix for Hyperion Records.
Fischer's popularity in the UK has brought him most recently to the Philharmonia, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Halle and BBC Symphony. His guest engagements have also included the radio orchestras of Paris (Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France), Stockholm, Hanover and Saarbruecken; the Berlin Symphony, Netherlands Philharmonic, Orchestra Verdi di Milano, Monte Carlo Philharmonic, Gothenburg Symphony.
In parallel to his symphonic career, Fischer's collaborative approach has fostered strong relationships with several prestigious chamber orchestras, notably the Scottish Chamber, Northern Sinfonia and Dutch Radio Chamber, all of whom invite him at least once every season. He has also conducted the Australian Chamber, Lausanne and Zurich chamber orchestras, and the Munich Chamber.

John Adams: El Dorado
John Adams: The Wound Dresser
John Adams: Chamber Symphony
John Adams: Shaker Loops
Louis Andriessen: Contra Tempus
Louis Andriessen: De Stijl
Louis Andriessen: Odysseus' Women
Louis Andriessen: Symphonieën der Nederlanden
Louis Andriessen: Workers Union
Luciano Berio: Chemins IV
Luciano Berio: Folk Songs
Luciano Berio: Solo (Concerto for Trombone)
Leonard Bernstein: Candide Overture
Leonard Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story
Benjamin Britten: Les Illuminations
Benjamin Britten: Serenade for horn, tenor and orchestra
Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony
Benjamin Britten: Quatre Chansons Françaises
Benjamin Britten: Prélude and Fugue
Benjamin Britten: Saint Nicolas
Benjamin Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem
Elliott Carter: A Mirror on Which to Dwell
Henry Dutilleux: Le Mystère de l'Instant
Henry Dutilleux: Métaboles
Morton Feldman: I met Heine on the Rue Furstenberg
Morton Feldman: Madame Press died last week at Ninety
Sofia Gubaidulina: Die Sieben Worte
Jonathan Harvey: Cellokonzert
Heinz Holliger: Scardanelli-Zyklus für Solo-Flöte, kleines Orchester (2 (2. auch A-Fl,Picc), 2 (1. auch Ob-dam, 2. auch Engl-Hn), 2 (2. auch B-Klar),2- 2,Trp-c,1,0- Schlgz(3),Hfe- 2,2,2,1), Tonband und gemischten Chor
Arthur Honegger: Concerto da Camera, H. 196 pour flûte, cor anglais et orchestre à cordes
Arthur Honegger: Symphonie N° 1 en ut, H. 75 pour orchestre (picc, 2,2,cor-ang,2,cl-b,2,cbn - 4,3,3,1 - tam-tam, gr-c - cordes)
Arthur Honegger: Symphonie N° 2 en ré, H. 153 pour orchestre à cordes (et trompette ad libitum)
Arthur Honegger: Symphonie N° 3, H. 186 pour orchestre (3(picc),2,cor-ang,2,cl-b,2,cbn - 4,3,3,1 - timb, perc (tam-tam, cymb, caisse roulante, gr-c),pno - cordes)
Arthur Honegger: Symphonie N° 4 en la, H. 191 pour orchester (2(picc),1,2,1 - 2,1,0,0 - glock, perc (cymb, tamb bâlois, tam-tam, trgl), pno - cordes)
Arthur Honegger: Symphonie N° 5 en ré mineur, H. 202 pour orchestre (3(picc),2,cor-ang,2,cl-b,3 - 4,3,3,1 - timb (ad libitum) - cordes)
Arthur Honegger: Christophe Colomb, H. 140 divers rôles parlés, ténor solo, choeur mixte (SATB), orchestre (1,1,2,1 - 2,3,2,0 - timb, perc(2), hp - cordes)
Arthur Honegger: Prélude pour "La Tempête", H. 48 A pour orchestre (2 (picc),2 (cor-ang),2 (cl-b),2 (cbn) - 4,2,3,1 - trgl, tam-tam, cymb, gr-c - cordes)
Arthur Honegger: Pacific 2.3.1, H. 53 pour orchestre (3 (picc),3 (cor-ang),3 (cl-b),3 (cbn) - 4,3,3,1 - tam-tam, cymb, caisse roulante, gr-c - cordes)
Mauricio Kagel: Konzertstück
György Kurtág: Quasi uns fantasia
György Ligeti: Mysteries of the Macabre
György Ligeti: Kammerkonzert
György Ligeti: Melodien
Albéric Magnard: Symphony No.2
Albéric Magnard: Symphony No.4
Frank Martin: Ballade pour flûte et grand orchestre (0,2,2,sax,1 - 2,0,0,0 - timb, cél, hp - cordes)
Frank Martin: Ballade pour trombone (ou saxo-ténor) et petit orchestre (2,2,2,2 - 2,2,2,0 - timb, pno - cordes)
Frank Martin: Ballade pour violoncelle et petit orchestre (2,2(cor-ang),1,1 - 1,0,0,0 - timb, perc(2),hp - cordes)
Frank Martin: Ballade pour saxo-alto et orchestre à cordes, timb, perc, pno
Frank Martin: Ballade pour piano et orchestre (2(picc),2(cor-ang),2,2 - 2,2,3,0 - timb,perc(3),hp - cordes)
Frank Martin: Ballade pour alto et orchestre à vent (2(picc),2(cor-ang),2(cl-b),2(cbn) - 2,2,1,0 - timb, hp, clv)
Frank Martin: Et la vie l'emporta pour voix d'alto et baryton-solo, petit ensemble vocal et instrumental (fl(2),htb, htb-dam, hp, clv, orgue positif, vl(6), vla(2), vcl(2), cb)
Frank Martin: Ariel pour choeur mixte (SATB)
Frank Martin: Concerto pour sept instruments à vent (1,1,1,1 - 1,1,1,0 - timb, perc - cordes)
Frank Martin: Etudes pour orchestre à cordes
Frank Martin: Golgotha pour cinq solistes (SATBarB), choeur mixte (SATB), orchestre (2(2. aussi picc),2(1. aussi htb-dam, 2. aussi cor-ang),2(2. aussi cl-mi),2 - 4,2,3,0 - timb, perc(2), pno - cordes) et orgue
Frank Martin: Les quatres éléments pour grand orchestre (picc,2(2. aussi picc),2,cor-ang,2(2. aussi cl-mi),cl-b,sax-a,2,cbn - 4,3,3,1 - timb, perc(3), glock, vibra, xylo(2), hp(2),cél, pno - cordes)
Frank Martin: Messe pour double choeur a cappella
Frank Martin: Ode à la musique pour choeur mixte (SATB), trp(1), cor(2), trb(3), cb, pno
Frank Martin: Ouverture en hommage à Mozart pour orchestre (picc,2,2,2,2 - 2,2,0,0 - timb - cordes)
Frank Martin: Passacaille pour orchestre (3(picc),3(htb-dam et cor-ang),2(cor de bs),3 - 4,2,3,1 - timb - cordes)
Frank Martin: Pavane couleur du temps pour petit orchestre (1,1,1,1 - 1,0,0,0 - timb, hp - cordes)
Frank Martin: Petite symphonie concertante pour hp, clv, pno, et deux orchestres à cordes
Frank Martin: Poèmes de la mort pour trois voix d'hommes (TBarB) et trois guitares électriques
Frank Martin: Polyptyque pour violon solo et deux orchestres à cordes
Frank Martin: Symphonie pour orchestre burlesque (fl, rossignol, caille, coucou, trompette d'enfant, Glockenspiel, tamtam, tamb, tamb de basque, castagnettes, trgl, pno - cordes ad lib. cor simple en ré, petite cloche en si, gt)
Frank Martin: Concerto pour violon et orchestre (2(picc),2,2,2 - 2,2,1,0 - timb, hp, pno, cordes))
Frank Martin: Concerto II pour piano et orchestre (2(picc),2(cor-ang),2,sax,2(cbn) - 2,2,1,0 - timb, perc(2), hp - cordes)
Arvo Pärt: Cantus in Memorium Benjamin Britten
Arvo Pärt: Festina Lente
Arvo Pärt: Fratres
Arvo Pärt: Summa
Arvo Pärt: Tabula rasa
Steve Reich: The Desert Music
Steve Reich: Eight Lines
Steve Reich: The Four Sections
Othmar Schoeck: Suite in As-Dur, op. 59 für Streichorchester
Stefan Wolpe: Chamber Piece No.1
Stefan Wolpe: Chamber Piece No.2
Stefan Wolpe: Piece for Trumpet and 7 Instruments
Iannis Xenakis: À Hélène
Iannis Xenakis: N'shima

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